708 Mental Health Board

The Jo Daviess County 708 Mental Health Board is the mental health authority of the county government operating under the provisions of H.B. 708, Illinois Revised Statutes, also known as the Community Mental Health Act.

The Mental Health Board was created by a referendum approved by the voters of Jo Daviess County in April, 1989. Through the passage of this referendum, a property tax levy was established to support the Mental Health Board’s mission. Each year the levied funds are distributed to provide services for residents of Jo Daviess County experiencing mental illness, developmental disabilities, substance use disorders, and others whose mental health is negatively impacted by social and/or environmental conditions as determined by the Jo Daviess County Board.  This Board recognizes trauma – domestic, sexual, and emotional – as an additional area of concern.

Mission: To provide leadership to ensure the availability of a comprehensive system of community based mental health services for the residents of Jo Daviess County who are affected by developmental disabilities, mental illness or substance use disorders.

The Board has two mandated responsibilities.  The first is to distribute tax monies to support programs serving residents of Jo Daviess County. Through an application process grants are awarded to community-based organizations that provide mental health-related services for county residents. Any organization that provides services within the county may apply for grant funding. While the grants cannot fund entire programs, the monies do support specific services within an organization.

The second mandated responsibility is to review and evaluate mental health services and programs to ensure the availability of appropriate services.  Agencies receiving 708 funding are monitored and reviewed throughout the year of the grant funding.

The seven-member Mental Health Board, appointed by the Chairperson of the Jo Daviess County Board, meets a minimum of four times per year to determine and execute the work of the Board.  All meetings are open to the public and are held at the County Board Room, Jo Daviess County Courthouse, with one meeting per year held on-site at one of the funded agencies.


Service providers receiving grants through the 708 Mental Health Board:

Contact of Northern Illinois

CONTACT is a 24-hour, 7-day per week Helpline that provides support to those in crisis, adults, seniors and teens.  The hotline also provides information and referral in coordination with other service providers, and support for individuals living alone.

Galena Clinic

Galena Clinic is a community-based outpatient program offering a multi-disciplinary approach to the diagnosis, treatment and recovery from substance abuse, including counseling for co-occurring mental health issues.  As a community mental health center, Galena Clinic offers psychiatry and mental health treatment and prevention services for  people of all ages, including youth and senior citizens.

Kreider Services Inc.

Kreider Services, Inc. is the provider of residential services for individuals in Jo Daviess County who have developmental disabilities.

Riverview Center Inc.

Riverview Center is a domestic and sexual violence crisis center providing free and confidential services.

Tyler's Justice Center for Children

Tyler’s Justice Center is a non-profit Children’s Advocacy Center (CAC) providing services to victims of sexual abuse, and/or serious physical abuse.

The Workshop

The mission of the Workshop is to promote the general welfare of individuals with disabilities in Jo Daviess County.