Bed & Breakfast Inspections

The purpose of the bed and breakfast inspection program is to prevent foodborne illness, promote food safety, and provide safe and sanitary facilities for the citizens and visitors of Jo Daviess County. The State of Illinois Bed and Breakfast Act defines a bed and breakfast establishment as an operator-occupied residence providing accommodations for a charge to the public with no more than 5 guest rooms for rent.

The department staff licenses bed and breakfast establishments that are located outside of a municipality. Currently there are 4 licensed facilities in Jo Daviess County. Each establishment is inspected once per year in conjunction with the local fire department. Comprehensive inspections look for cleanliness, proper food handling and storage, physical environment, and conformance with fire safety regulations.


A license is required to be obtained before a bed and breakfast establishment may be opened for guests. An application for a Bed and Breakfast Establishment License must be completed and submitted along with copies of a safe well water test and septic system pumping if applicable.

Bed and Breakfast License Application

Inspections for Bed and Breakfast Establishments are performed yearly following the guidelines of the State of Illinois Bed and Breakfast Act and Jo Daviess County Ordinance. Permits are valid from December 1 – November 30 each year and an annual renewal fee is due before the end of November.

Illinois Bed and Breakfast Act

Jo Daviess County Ordinance Title 4 Chapter 7

Bed and Breakfast Fees


Training for Food Service Staff

Food Service Sanitation Management Certification - All bed and breakfast establishments shall be under the operational supervision of a certified food service sanitation manager. 

Food Service Sanitation Manager Certification 2017 - Elizabeth

Food Service Sanitation Manager Certification 2017 - Freeport

Food Handler Certification - The Food Handling Regulation Enforcement Act requires any food handler who does not have a Food Service Sanitation Manager Certificate to become certified in basic sanitation practices by obtaining a Food Handler Certificate. A 'food handler', as defined by the act, is an individual working with unpackaged food, food equipment or utensils, or food-contact surfaces.

More information about required training can be found in the Food Protection section.

Food Handler Training Frequently Asked Questions