County Board Member Directory

Listed below are the seventeen Jo Daviess County Board members.  By clicking on the name of a Board member, you can view contact information and a map of the Board member's district.

Steve Allendorf (R)

Term 2016-2020, District 12 - West Galena III precinct. Council Hill, & the portion of Rawlins precinct lying east of North Council Hill Road

William Bingham (R)

Term 2014-2018, District 4 - Vinegar Hill precinct & a portion of Menominee precinct

Rick Dittmar (R)

Term 2014-2018, District 15 - Berreman, Derinda, Pleasant Valley, & Woodbine precincts

Don Hill (D)

Term 2016-2020, District 7 - Nora, Warren II precincts & a portion of Rush precinct

John Lang (R)

Term 2016-2018, District 3 - Dunleith III precinct

Steven McIntyre (R)

Term 2014-2018, District 8 - Thompson precinct & a portion of Guilford precinct

John Schultz (R)

Term 2016-2020, District 14 - Hanover precinct & a portion of Rice precinct

Ron Smith (R)

Term 2016-2020, District 9 - Council Hill & East Galena precincts

Scott Toot (R)

Term 2016-2020, District 13 - Elizabeth & part Rice precincts

LaDon Trost (R)

Term 2016-2020, District 17 - Stockton II precinct & a portion of Rush precinct