Board of Health

Mission Statement:  The Jo Daviess County Board of Health exists to provide leadership in planning and policy development for the Jo Daviess County Health Department to implement a coordinated, prevention-oriented program that promotes and protects the health of all Jo Daviess County residents.


  • Ron Lubcke,
  • Bill Bingham,
    Vice President, County Board Rep
  • Liz Blair,
  • County Treasurer
  • Stephen Petras,
    DMD, Dental Advisor
  • Ralph Losey, MD
    Board of Health Medical Advisor
  • Kim Barrett, RN
    (East Dubuque)
  • Gary Jobgen, RN
  • Dr. Matt Gullone, MD
  • Nikki Chamberlain Pham, MPH


Committee appointees are:
Environmental Health:  Dr. Ralph Losey, Kim Barrett, Bill Bingham
Personnel:  Dr. Ralph Losey and Gary Jobgen
Client Care:  Elizabeth Blair and Kim Barrett
Budget and Finance:  William Bingham, Dr. Stephen Petras, Gary Jobgen

The President of the Board sits on all of the committees.